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Born from extreme skeptics
CBD has had a positive and profound impact on our lives here at Simple Leaf.
While the bulk of mainstream CBD brands offer general use products, the majority of CBD consumers take CBD for a specific purpose. We saw the opportunity and a need to create carefully crafted products that are hyper-targeted to address the primary reasons why people turn to CBD.

We sought out only the highest quality natural ingredients, the most effective formulations, and the best manufacturing practices with the hopes of delivering the same positive impact on people’s lives as we have all experienced here.
It started with a simple observation
Ordinary supplements just weren't cutting it for us.
We worked hard on our CBD formulas. Each contains our premium organic CBD and hand-selected synergistic ingredients to create CBD With Purpose…unique and incredible wellness supplements. We love them, and we know you will too.

A perfect fit for your everyday life.  We’re just like you. We want all-natural focus + energy, mood boost, pain relief, immune boost, sleep support, and muscle + joint relief so we can be at our best every day. Plus, we want natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients in our daily diets. This is why all our products start with a personal need and a strong belief that supplementation with functional ingredients found in nature can have a powerful impact on our health and overall wellness.
The best CBD products
SPOILER ALERT: we love making CBD easy and fun. But to create the best CBD products with perfectly blended levels of functional ingredients from trustworthy sources, we have to take what we do seriously.

Just The Good Stuff Without The High Feeling
Only the best
Our supplements are put to the test—again and again. We refuse to compromise on quality, vetting every product from sourcing to the shelf. Simple Leaf crafts clean products free from harsh ingredients and unnecessary additives.

We care about what our customers are putting in their bodies. Our rigorous third-party lab testing ensures peace of mind and trust in our brand, all of our lab results are available on
Our high standards, protect you from a low-quality experience
A new CBD experience
The last thing this world needs is more fake sh*t.  Our goal is to give you a CBD experience unlike any other. Our high standards protect you from a low-quality experience.  Feel the Simple Leaf difference.

We're not just talking quality
Let us prove it to you
All Simple Leaf products come backed by a 100% full refund guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund anytime in the first 44 days of purchasing a product. That’s how confident we are that you are going to love our all-natural supplements.
Simple Leaf stands for Quality and Trust
Quality and trust
Our #1 goal is to help our customers to lead happier, healthier, more natural lives. That is a part of every step of our manufacturing process and has been the basis for all of our formulas. In fact, we consider that goal to be the top ingredient that goes into each bottle.

So thank you for trusting us with your health and we can’t wait to help you live a happier, healthier life.

Simplicity in design and form
Only the best CBD Products
Your CBD experience is our #1 priority.  We create powerful CBD blends, each formulated to promote the best in health. Our premium health supplements are made in the USA and meet or exceed the strict manufacturing standards set by the FDA. They are made without any extra fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. We use only the purest and most potent natural ingredients.

A perfect fit for your everyday life Effective CBD. Not expensive. With Simple Leaf CBD, you are able to get incredibly powerful products that will make your wallet feel good too.

It is our mission to provide the best CBD products at an affordable price. We are also dedicated to transparency during our process. At any time you can check the lab results on our website. We want you to feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied the whole way—from the moment you confirm your purchase to the last capsule you take from your bottle.

A perfect fit for your everyday life
Nothing to hide
There’s no secret to our approach. From organic hemp to our ever-growing family of products, we focus on consistency and sustainability. As pioneers in the CBD industry, we’ve learned how to do things right and pass that on to you by keeping prices down and potency up. There’s always room for improvement and we are eager learners.  It’s simple.  If you want the highest quality CBD Pills and Organic CBG, check out Simple Leaf.

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