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Plug420 Crypto Coin
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Our Goal $500,000
Donation 5%


Wallet Instruction

We have completed our crypto coin. Through the donation process, we will take the donations to add to the Liquidity Pool, Improve Our Community Platform, and Improve on the Plug420 Crypto Coin. We will also take 10% and donate to a local charity for Cannabis Research. Only 1 Billion coins will be used for Donations during this campaign. Once our goal has been met we will register on the IDO.
visit the group page for updates starting soon.

Contact For any questions: 

  1. Get a Wallet to Contain Your Crypto Coin (Trust Wallet Instructions) 
  2. Add Custom (Plug420) Token To Your Wallet (How To Add A Custom Token)
    1. Use  For Network Smart Chain
    2. Name Plug420
    3. Symbol Plug420
    4. Decimals 8
    5. Contract Address use: 0xe7ab89d9cac57d82eefb96fcf54aae70343d975d
    6. Link To Contract Click Here
    7. Plug420 Crypto Coin 2
  3. Make your Donation 
  4. Send us your wallet address (How To find My Receiving Address?)


For Business Owners: With the rise of the Cannabis industry’s popularity, there has become a flood of so many new businesses developing from CBD Shops, Cannabis Dispensaries, to Cannabis grow farms.  Plug420 Crypto Coin will provide business owners with a method to invest back into their company based on the amount of Plug420 Crypto Coins they own as business owners. The more popular the coin becomes with the limited supply the higher the value will rise thus increasing their investment and buying power.

For Coin Holders In The Community: As the Community grows and the value increases the Plug420 Crypto Coin. The holders will be able to purchase better quality and quantity of products from business owners. Based on the increased value of the Plug420 Crypto Coin as well have a great opportunity for long-term and short-term investments.

Thus creating the Plug420 Community Echo system.


To fully become adapted to the needs of the Cannabis industry the Plug420 Crypto Coin plans to become a widespread and adopted cryptocurrency within the industry. Our team plans to fully accomplish this by investing in a variety of technologies, applications, and businesses that can secure longevity of the Plug420 Crypto Coin. 



Plug420 Crypto Coin Team WILL invest back into the Cannabis Industry to help to secure a better future for the development and implementation of products. Our team will invest in hospital research that involves cannabis and its by-products.  As well as give to charity groups.

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