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With such a Saturated Market As CBD, Hemp, Cannabis, and Delta 8 advance into a buyer market, new difficulties have sprung up. Expanded interest in CBD items has prompted firm rivalry among CBD sellers. This implies that you need a strong CBD-promoting technique to outflank your opposition.

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  4. Send all business information to after listing your paid business profile.

Please allow up to 24 hrs for CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp business to be approved in our CBD business directory.

Coming Soon

Selling your products on our e-commerce platform will be available soon.

Vendor  Features

  •  Themes Light and Dark Options

Plug420 allows the vendors to change the appearance of the dashboard by applying the light or dark theme with a single click.

  • Duplicate Products

If a vendor prefers to sell a product, others are selling on the website, they can easily create a duplicate product with a one-click operation.

  • Generate Coupons

With a few adjustable settings, it is easy for the sellers to generate a coupon applicable to a product of their choice.

  • Manage Reviews

Vendors can receive customer feedback and manage reviews on the reviews section of their dashboard.

  • Create Reports

The report feature with advanced filter options allows vendors to filter data to keep an eye on their sales performances, earnings, and other details. There are different conditions to filter data including date, month, year, products, etc.

  • Manage Shipping

On the dashboard, the vendors can track and the shipping for all orders. Depending on the zone, product weight, or other parameters, the vendors can choose to impose the applicable rates.

There are three types of shipping rate settings on the dashboard:

  • Flat rate
  • Local pickup
  • Free shipping
  • Create Invoice and Packaging Slip

Once set up, the vendors can generate invoices and packaging slips for an order with a single click.

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Becoming A Vendor

(For Existing Users)To become a Vendor : Login, Click on Dashboard, Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Register As Vendor. Fill our Registration Form

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