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CBD Crystal Isolate – Hemp, CBD Isolate powder – CBD OIL Our Pure CBD
Isolate is a crystallized powder with CBD concentrations of over 99%.
We’re premium Wholesalers & Distributors of CBD Products through our
main supply units in the U.S.A and Holland to handle supply in the needs
and orders of our customers in Americas, Asia and Europe.
We carry out all the processes from start to finish, which is why our
prices are so competitive with excellent shipping schedule.

Berry Blossom 15%CBD 0.1% THC
Harlequin 11%CBD 0.3% THC
Avi dekel 11%CBD 0.2% THC
Queen of hope 18%CBD 0.2% THC
Pennywise 18%CBD 0.2% THC
Sour tsunami 10%CBD 0.2 THC .

On this spectrum, we supply a wide range of Cannabinoids (CBD) products
and lot more on demands (pills). (Ecstasy or Molly) pain relief,anxiety
medication,Weight loss pills oxy, roxy, xanax, Heroin Halcion Hydrococet,
pecocet Ketamine LSD Methadone

Secured packaging and shipment to all states/world-wide to internal and
international standards via DHL/FedEx,UPS EMS etc with full shipping
schedule and tracking number for the shipment provided and after sale
service also provided to our customers.
Full refunds apply for any undelivered package or lost packages on

For orders and more inquiry contact an agent of ours through :
Wickr I'd @ cbdvendor
Text: +1 (845) 554-5443
WhatApps: +1 (845) 554-5443

Note: Please, No Times Wasters !!!

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