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Zatural CBD Gum is a uniquely formulated CBD-Infused Hemp Oil Chewing Gum in two delicious mint flavors. Each piece of CBD chewing gum contains 10mg of U.S. organic grown CBD from CO2 extracted hemp oil. The suggested serving is to chew at least one piece of CBD gum per day. Eight pieces of gum per tin. 80mg of Nano Emulsified CBD per tin.

What Is CBD Gum? CBD gum is a highly effective way to take CBD oil. The body, when absorbing CBD through the oral mucosa, delivering benefits nearly 5x faster. Our healthy chewing gum offers a safe, unique, and effective alternative to most other CBD dosage forms. No pills, capsules, and nasty liquids.

We suggest chewing one piece or more per day. Zatural CBD formulated chewing gum comes in 2 tasty mint flavors, peppermint, and spearmint. It is made with 10mg of U.S organic CBD-rich hemp oil. One of our biggest and most important goals in creating CBD products is to make certain our formulations are delicious and effective.

As you chew, the CBD oil is released from the gum quickly and is absorbed by your oral mucosa, not your digestive system. Bypassing your digestive tract allows the CBD to maintain its inherent bioavailability. The CBD gets absorbed by your body five times faster than other forms of oral ingestion. Studies show CBD that is swallowed as capsules, beverages, gummies or edibles may deliver less than 10% of the CBD shown on the label.

Each piece of sugar-free CBD Gum contains about 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. Each piece is made with Vegan and Kosher ingredients. Studies show that CBD oil can provide balanced mood support and assist with the body’s discomfort levels.

With CBD gum, you get a dose that is strong enough to make a real difference and delivered cost-effectively so you are not wasting the CBD you consume.

Zatural CBD Gum


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