Who we are: Our website address is: https://plug420.com.

Refund Policy

The Company offers a seven (7) day, 100% Money Back, and Satisfaction Guarantee to all Business subscribers.  For all subscriptions payments made to Plug420.com/creating D’zines LLc (with the exception of Bitcoin Payments – due to the nature of Bitcoin payments these cannot be refunded) The seven (7) days, 100% Money Back Guarantee, starts from the date of purchase, includes weekends, and only applies to the initial purchase of any of our Packages. If a subscriber is dissatisfied with the service for any reason, the subscriber may receive a refund within seven (7) days of the subscriber’s initial purchase, for a full refund of the purchased price. All other warranties and guarantees are disclaimed. After seven (7) days, your purchase will no longer be refundable.


Federal law grants a buyer the right to cancel certain sales without penalty prior to midnight of the third business day after the transaction. This rule covers retail consumer sales of $25.00 or more that occur away from the seller’s main office. Independent Affiliates must orally inform the buyer of the three-day right to cancel at the time the buyer purchases the goods and deliver 2 three-day cancellation notices to every customer.


Disclosure of Personal Information

Except as set forth in this policy or as otherwise disclosed to you, Plug420.com will not sell, rent or disclose your personal information to third parties without notifying you of our intent to share the personal information in advance and giving you an opportunity to prevent your personal information from being shared.

Plug420.com use other companies, agents or contractors to perform services on our behalf. For example, we have partnered with other companies to personalize and optimize our web pages, process credit card transactions, Legal decision, collect debts, analyze and enhance data, including customers’ interaction with our website, and process consumer surveys. In the course of providing such services, these other companies may have access to your personal information. We do not authorize these companies to use your personal information except for the purpose of providing the services we request of them.

From time to time, Plug420.com may partner with companies whose products we believe will interest our user In addition, Plug420.com may offer joint promotions or programs that, in order for participation, will require personal information be shared with third parties awards, if you sign up or otherwise utilize Plug420.com service. In fulfilling these types of promotions, Plug420.com may share your name and other personal information.

Plug420.com also reserves the right to disclose personal information when Plug420.com reasonably believe disclosure is required by law, if we reasonably believe disclosure is necessary to protect, establish or exercise legal rights, or in situations involving potential threats to physical safety. In the event that Plug420.com is acquired by or merged with a third party, we reserve the right to transfer to the acquiring third party or the resulting merged entity, as the case may be, the personal information we have collected as part of that transaction provided that such third party continues to honor Plug420.com Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of Information Plug420.com

Definition of personal information

means information that can be used to identify and contact you, specifically your name, postal delivery address, e-mail address, payment method (e.g., credit card, debit card, or other payment method accepted on our website) and telephone number, as well as other information when such information is combined with your personal information. When you submit your request form Plug420.com ask you to supply Plug420.com with personal information so that Plug420.com can provide and deliver the information you have requested. Plug420.com do not use information gathered for advertisement Plug420.com use this personal information, for example, to process your request or orders and communicate with you. Plug420.com does not use your e-mail address to send you newsletters or to advertise with Plug420.com affiliates unless authorized by you. Plug420.com will keep track of your interactions with us and collect information related to your use of our service, including but not limited to your online activity, title selections and, payment history and correspondence as well as Internet protocol addresses, device types, operating systems, any instant watching of movies, TV shows and related activity. We use this information only to improve our service with you by doing this will quickly and efficiently help us respond to inquiries and requests and otherwise enhancing or administering Plug420.com service offering for our customers. Plug420.com also provide analysis of our users in the aggregate to prospective partners, advertisers and other third parties. Plug420.com may also disclose and otherwise use, on an anonymous basis, movie ratings, consumption habits, commentary, reviews and other non-personal information about customers.

Delivery Policy

Plug420.com reserves all rights to refuse refunds on all requested material. Based that we are a research and development organization solely design to deliver and create information. 

We are not responsible for the condition of electronic files that are not created or generated by Plug420.com. However Plug420.com will check for distortion and quality before delivery. Plug420.com does not guarantee 100% quality of file or document not created by Plug420.com. Plug420.com also reserves all rights to adjust pricing without prior notice.


5.1 User Content. “User Content” means any and all information and content that a user submits to, or uses with, the Site or Services, including without limitation, content in the user’s profile, user reviews and/or postings. You acknowledge and agree that Plug420.com is not responsible for any User Content, including its accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity, copyright compliance, legality, decency, quality, or any other aspect thereof. Plug420.com does not assume and will not have any liability or responsibility to you or any other person or user for your use or misuse of any User Content.

5.2 User Content – Restrictions. You agree not to use the Site, Services, or any of Plug420.com’s social media pages or channels to collect, upload, transmit, display, or distribute any User Content that (a) violates any third-party right, including any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, privacy right, right of publicity, or any other intellectual property or proprietary right; (b) is unlawful, harassing, abusive, tortious, threatening, harmful, invasive of another’s privacy, vulgar, defamatory, false, intentionally misleading, trade libelous, pornographic, obscene, patently offensive (e.g., material that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual) or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature; or (c) in violation of any law, regulation, or obligations or restrictions imposed by any third-party.

5.3 User Content – Your Responsibilities. You are solely responsible for your User Content. You assume all risks associated with use of your User Content, including any reliance on its accuracy, completeness or usefulness by others, or any disclosure of your User Content that makes you or any third-party personally identifiable. You hereby represent and warrant that your User Content does not violate the Acceptable Use Policy (defined below). You may not state or imply that your User Content is in any way provided, sponsored, or endorsed by Plug420.com. You acknowledge and agree that Plug420.com is not responsible for any User Content, including its accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity, copyright compliance, legality, decency, quality, or any other aspect thereof. Plug420.com does not assume and will not have any liability or responsibility to you or any other person or user for your use or misuse of any User Content. Because you alone are responsible for your User Content (and not Plug420.com), you may expose yourself to liability if, for example, your User Content violates the Acceptable Use Policy or other applicable laws. Plug420.com is not obligated to backup any User Content and User Content may be deleted at any time. You are solely responsible for creating backup copies of your User Content, if you desire.

5.4 License. You hereby grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to Plug420.com an irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free and fully-paid, worldwide license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display and perform, prepare derivative works of, incorporate into other works, and otherwise use your User Content, and to grant sublicenses of the foregoing, solely for the purposes of including your User Content in the Site and Services. You agree to irrevocably waive (and cause to be waived) any claims and assertions of moral rights or attribution with respect to your User Content.

5.5 Feedback. If you provide Plug420.com any feedback or suggestions regarding the Site or Services (“Feedback”), you hereby assign to Plug420.com all rights in the Feedback and agree that Plug420.com shall have the right to use such Feedback and related information in any manner it deems appropriate. Plug420.com will treat any Feedback you provide to Plug420.com as non-confidential and non-proprietary. You agree that you will not submit to Plug420.com any information or ideas that you consider to be confidential or proprietary.


Except for disputes brought in small claims court, all disputes between you and Plug420.com arising out of, relating to or in connection with the Site or Services shall be exclusively settled through binding arbitration pursuant to the then-current rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) for commercial arbitration and not in court. This agreement to arbitrate applies to any claim brought under the laws of any state or national government, including claims under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Consumer Product Safety Act, or any other federal, state or local law or ordinance. There is no judge or jury in arbitration and you are agreeing to waive your right to pursue claims in court to the greatest extent permitted by law. Arbitration procedures are simpler and more limited than rules applicable in court and review by a court is limited. YOU AND PLUG420.COM AGREE THAT ANY SUCH ARBITRATION SHALL BE CONDUCTED ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS AND NOT IN A CLASS, CONSOLIDATED OR REPRESENTATIVE ACTION. Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement to the contrary, if the class and representative-action waiver in the prior sentence is deemed invalid or unenforceable, however, neither you nor we are entitled to arbitration, and any class or representative-action claims shall proceed in a court of competent jurisdiction in King County, Washington. This arbitration agreement is entered into and enforceable pursuant to the Federal Arbitration Act. The arbitrator’s award may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction. Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement to the contrary, we agree that if Plug420.com makes any future change to this dispute resolution provision, it will not apply to any individual claim(s) about which you had already provided notice to Plug420.com. Information on AAA and how to start arbitration can be found at www.adr.org or by calling 800-778-7879. If the arbitration in this Section provision is found unenforceable or to not apply for a given dispute, then the proceeding must be brought exclusively in a court of competent jurisdiction in King County, Washington. You hereby accept the exclusive jurisdiction of such court for this purpose. To the extent enforceability of this Agreement requires reference to any state law, the Parties agree such reference shall be to the laws of the State of Washington without regard to conflict of law provisions.

13.1 Pre-Arbitration Dispute Resolution. Prior to resorting to formal dispute resolution procedures, you hereby agree to try to resolve disputes amicably and efficiently by emailing customer support at support@Plug420.com. Any communication to us regarding any dispute you have must be sent within ninety calendar days of the date of the event giving rise to the dispute. You agree that engaging in this pre-arbitration dispute resolution procedure is a prerequisite to initiating a complaint in arbitration or any other form. If pre-arbitration dispute resolution efforts prove unsuccessful, a party who intends to seek arbitration must first send to the other, by certified mail, a written Notice of Dispute (“Notice”) within ninety calendar days of the date on which the parties agree that the pre-arbitration dispute resolution has failed. The Notice to us should be sent to the address identified in Section 14.6 below. You hereby agree that failure to follow any of the steps outlined in this paragraph operates as a waiver of your right to pursue your claims in arbitration or any other forum.

13.2 Confidentiality. All aspects of the arbitration proceeding, and any ruling, decision, or award by the arbitrator, will be strictly confidential for the benefit of all parties.

13.3 Future Changes to Arbitration Agreement. Notwithstanding any provision in these Terms to the contrary, we agree that if it makes any future change to this Arbitration Agreement (other than a change to the Notice Address) while you are a user of the Service, you may reject any such change by sending us written notice within thirty (30) calendar days of the change to the Notice Address provided in Section below. By rejecting any future change, you are agreeing that you will individually arbitrate any dispute between us in accordance with the language of this Arbitration Agreement as of the date you first accepted these Terms (or accepted any subsequent changes to these Terms).

Changes to This Policy

As we update and expand our services, we may make changes to this policy. You should check back for updates to this policy from time to time. If the changes result in materially less protection for your personal information than that provided in this policy,


Media files shown on Plug420.com are not affiliated with Plug420.com  and are not held accountable for any content viewed. Plug420.com will scan all files submitted to Plug420.com before posting them but we are not  responsible for any electronic  or software damage that might be obtained from any  virus that may be obtained from  the down load or sharing of these files. For 100% virus detection is impossible.