Plug to 420 | Smoke out 4/20 and Celebrate | Plug420


420 Smoke out Celebration

420 Celebration

Plug to 420 | Smoke out 4/20 and Celebrate | Plug420 1


420 Celebration: The unofficial holiday “420” is associated with marijuana on April 20th (4/20) each year. Smoking weed is a popular way to celebrate the day. How does 420 become a celebrated day for marijuana enthusiasts?

420, 420 celebrateCalifornia, 420 originated among high schoolers in the ’70s as a secret code.

Marin County, California, had a group of friends called “the Waldos” who met at 4:20 p.m. In order to become  high.

Having the freedom to roam alone without supervision was ideal for them since they had just finished school and their parents were still away. Around that time each day, they met next to a statue  of Louis Pasteur, the scientist who pioneered pasteurization.


I was going to celebrate 420 “ But Then I Got High

“4/20” is set as a code word

420 gradually spread from California and beyond as kids began using the 4:20 time as a code in front of their unknowing parents. In fact, it’s even the number of a California Senate bill that established the state’s medical marijuana program.

As a shorthand for a group of friends, it can be found on T-shirts and throughout pop  culture. As well as on the calendar every April. 20


Plug to 420 | Smoke out 4/20 and Celebrate | Plug420 2

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